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I'm Carmit Dror, uxi & Graphic designer


Absolute Value2

Absolute Value is a one pager for Jeff Koons exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

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Artboard – 2.png

Sea Side

Sea Side is a social mobile app for bringing hearts together among sea lovers in the Middle East

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Hamazgan is a plugin to website of an independent press, which is a platform for creating campaigns and petitions on social issues.



uxi & graphic designe  |  Tel Aviv

Graphic designer with 20 years experience in editing and designing for print, now fresh and curious in UX/UI field.

I am an observing woman. Throughout my life I have realized that observation, coupled with listening, allows me to identify with the other, understand their needs and create their desires.

Mine is a world of people, shapes and colors. Time and again I realized that the combination of these three, their intertwining, their mutual influence – create the best of stories.

Outside my work I enjoy runs, long walks, and challenging conversation with the elderly around me.

050 - 9678008

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